OUR Practice Areas

Over the past 25 years, we’ve built a practice that’s completely focused on our clients. With vast experience in a wide range of practice areas, our team has built a reputation of skill, tenacity and successful resolution of legal claims.

Business Transactions

Protecting and assisting business owners and managers with a suite of services including advice and preparation of necessary legal filings for new or existing businesses, vendor contracts, employment contracts, and merger and acquisition documents.

TWPD’s business transaction lawyers represent clients in a wide range of business needs. From preparing all documents and contracts for a new business, a merger or acquisition, or to resolve a contract dispute. In addition, our team facilitates contact with all local and state governmental agencies as needs arise. Whether a large corporation or a local, small-town business, our team is ready and able to guide you through the winding road of laws and regulations relevant to your business.

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Construction Law

We represent a wide variety of construction companies to resolve contractual disputes, liens, building defects and project issues across the Gulf Region.

Our team is ready and able to represent your enterprise at any stage of a project. From planning, to contract negotiation, to resolving claims, we’re focused on protecting your interests with a proactive approach that avoids dispute and controls loss in the event of an accident or loss.

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Employment & Workers' Compensation Law

We represent Louisiana and Mississippi employers in workers’ compensation claims under state and federal law, including claims arising under the LHWCA and Jones Act.

Workers’ compensation claims are a strain on any business. Whether your business must respond to a claim under state workers' compensation law, or under federal maritime law, our lawyers are pre-eminent in the industry and can get the claim resolved quickly and efficiently.

As an additional service to our clients, we provide in-house seminars and training sessions on all aspects of compensation law, including best practices for adjusting and closing claims and evaluating the exposure you face. Equally important, our team has also developed detailed accident investigation procedures to quickly and precisely find the cause of workplace accidents, and help defeat potentially unfounded or fraudulent claims.

Workers’ compensation is an ever-changing area of legal practice. To keep our clients informed of the most recent changes and updates, we deliver a monthly newsletter with the latest legislative, administrative and case law developments in both state and federal compensation law.

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Environmental & Hazardous Waste

We have vast experience defending environmental exposure and hazardous waste claims including asbestos and chemical spills.

Louisiana and Mississippi based construction companies and their insurers both trust TWPD for advice and representation in matters that relate to environmental and hazardous waste. We provide guidance prior to any incident as well as defense in the case of an accidental spill or other hazardous release. We also act as your advocate in the event of accusation raised in regards to the violation of a local, state or federal law having to do with the transportation, treatment, storage, cleanup and disposal of a hazardous substance.

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Insurance Coverage & Defense

Accurate analysis and opinions to assist in the navigation of language and legal nuances that are found throughout most policies.

Any time a loss occurs, those who suffered want to be compensated. Determining whether a particular loss is covered under a policy is crucial. Our resume speaks for itself when protecting both the insured and the insurer from lengthy and costly court battles as well as unmerited payouts. Due to our vast knowledge and experience, we’ve proven successful in evaluations of liability and coverage under all types of policies, including CGL, umbrella/excess, auto, homeowner, and professional liability, among others. We work to resolve cases efficiently and effectively for our clients—and in the event of trial we do everything necessary to win.

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Premises & Product Liability

Defense of liability and insurance claims involving premises or products.

From national retailers to local small business, our litigators have defended both in the face of premises and product liability claims. From incidents like slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall, falling merchandise and alleged parking lot defects to those where blame for injury or loss is placed on a product, our lawyers have successfully defended manufacturers and sellers. Our expertise in premises and product liability law has resulted in numerous dismissals without the need and expense for trial. We also recognize that some claims have merit, and work to achieve efficient and cost-effective resolution outside of trials.

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Professional Liability

Protecting professionals against claims involving malpractice — including lawyers, health care professionals, accountants, brokers, architects and engineers.

Building a reputation in your industry is hard work, and we understand the damage that can be done by a sole malpractice suit. Our defense of professionals in the face of malpractice claims is tenacious and aggressive, working to protect your professional reputation.

Types of malpractice we defend:

  • Accounting 
  • Broker
  • Actuarial
  • Legal
  • Medical malpractice

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Transportation Law

Our aggressive and experienced liability attorneys have successfully defended transportation companies all the way to the Louisiana Supreme Court.

Incidents involving 18-wheeler and other large vehicles are often responsible for very large trial verdicts. Our intimate knowledge of the laws and regulations specific to the trucking industry proves crucial when defending against these claims, to ensure your company only pays what is owed.

From local to national transportation companies, our lawyers have that intricate knowledge and connections with the industry’s premier accident reconstruction experts. Whether your company is wrongfully blamed for an accident or you need efficient dispute resolution, we can obtain the best solution possible.

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