Since 1995, TWPD's vision has proven to be a winning formula for both our firm and our clients.

Our Story

Our firm’s founders had a vision. Striving to create a different type of defense firm—one that offered flexible and creative defense strategies tailored to each client, and that was accessible to its clients’ needs beyond office hours—that vision became reality in 1995, and has proven to be a winning formula for both our firm and our clients. What began with three attorneys and two legal assistants in New Orleans, is now a growing team of 55 attorneys across the south with offices in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Mississippi.

Our growth and success are a return on our investment in a highly diverse work environment with extensive teamwork and opportunity for every attorney to succeed. This enables us to effectively represent clients from all backgrounds, from individual business owners to global corporations.

Our grass roots firm grew to represent Fortune 500 companies while maintaining our core value: the client’s goals come first. To that end, we implemented cutting edge security to keep our clients’ confidential information safe and protected. Our advanced technology allows us to work within a wide variety of client softwares and platforms from right here in Louisiana and Mississippi, allowing us to continue serving our clients’ needs no matter the challenge.

The vision that began in 1995 remains true today. We are available to our clients whenever the need arises, ready to offer flexible and creative strategies tailored to them.

Our Mission

The success we have seen is because of the way we built our practice. It’s about more than routine strategies. It’s about creative resolutions to difficult legal questions. It’s about how we treat our clients and each other and how we work together to build the best possible defense for every single case. It’s practice, made perfect.

From local businesses to national corporations, our firm is experienced and dedicated to achieving your goals. By bringing in the best attorneys around, we’ve been able to broaden services while remaining highly specialized. It’s a conscious effort and something that we’ve done ultimately to better serve our clients, growing and shaping our firm in a way that keeps them as the focus of everything we do.

We’re more than just an attorney to our clients, we are a partner — someone they can genuinely trust, knowing that their best interest takes precedence over everything else. That kind of trust does not just happen, it comes from an authentic relationship and is built on our fundamental ability to do great work.

The way we’ve come to practice law is a method that we’ve seen success with for more than 25 years. It’s practice, made perfect.

Our Community

Taylor Wellons proudly invests in the Louisiana and Mississippi communities. We believe every attorney should put down the legal pad and give back.

From supporting and planning fundraisers, to sitting on the boards of local nonprofit organizations, our firm understands the importance of giving back. Our attorneys engage in diverse community efforts to improve education, mental health resources, housing and after school mentoring programs. If you would like to join our efforts, click to find out more about Boys & Girls Club, Mental Health Association, St. Vincent dePaul and Children's Miracle Network.