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Firm’s Baton Rouge lawyer secures defense judgment in workers’ compensation trial

The firm obtained a defense verdict in District 9 of the Office of Workers’ Compensation in Houma, Louisiana.  The plaintiff claimed that she injured her back after being attacked by a dog  during the course and scope of her employment.   After discrediting the plaintiff on cross examination, the Court found that the evidence submitted at the trial did not support the plaintiff’s allegations of the occurrence of a work accident, and dismissed her claim.

TWPD secures defense verdict in favor of credit union

The firm obtained a defense verdict in a Caddo Parish bench trial on behalf of a Shreveport credit union. The plaintiff maintained several accounts at the credit union that were being investigated for suspicious activity, including receipt of possible misappropriated funds. The credit union received a search warrant from a California court as part of that investigation. Following a consultation with its attorneys, the credit union placed an administrative freeze on the plaintiff’s accounts in an effort to protect the assets of the credit union. While the administrative freeze was lifted two weeks later, plaintiff asserted that the freeze caused her significant damage, including mental anguish, additional business expenses, and lost profits in excess of $1,000,000. At trial, TWPD pointed to the language in the membership agreement between the plaintiff and the credit union, which provided that the credit union would not be liable for failing to complete a transaction if the plaintiff’s account funds were subject to legal process or other claim. The court agreed and dismissed suit in favor of our client.

TWPD secures summary judgment for national home improvement store

The firm obtained summary judgment on behalf of its retail client in federal court in Lake Charles. The plaintiff allegedly suffered a significant knee injury after tripping over a large wooden ramp that was put in place to cover a set of loose wires. During her deposition, plaintiff admitted she observed the wooden ramp prior to her fall, that she “kept looking at it” and she witnessed other customers safely walk across the ramp. TWPD also obtained surveillance video of the accident which showed the size of the wooden ramp and that it was not blocked from plaintiff’s view. In its motion, TWPD asserted that the ramp was an open and obvious condition. The Court agreed, granting summary judgment in favor of our client on the grounds plaintiff could not meet her burden of proof under the Louisiana Merchant Liability Statute.

TWPD Secures Favorable Jury Verdict

TWPD’s Baton Rouge lawyers secured a favorable jury verdict in Rapides Parish. The case demonstrates the importance of hiring experienced trial lawyers. Damages were the only issue for trial, as the court had granted summary judgment before trial that our client was fault in causing the accident.  Thus, Plaintiffs treated the entire process as a money grab. Plaintiffs rejected our client’s generous $450,000 offer; instead, opting to ask the jury for $2.3 million. The tactic did not sit well with the jury. While Plaintiff proved he initially sustained cervical fractures and a broken arm that required surgery, the jury did not find his complaints of ongoing pain and disability credible. In the end, only $330,000 was awarded: $120,000 LESS than our client offer prior to trial.

The success we have seen is because of the way we built our practice. It’s about more than routine strategies. It’s about creative resolutions to difficult legal questions. It’s about how we treat our clients and each other and how we work together to build the best possible defense for every single case. It's practice, made perfect.