Employment And Workers' Compensation Law

We understand that a business's primary concern is to meet its customers' needs, generate profits and grow. Employers must stay alert for threats to the bottom line stemming from workplace accidents and human resources issues. TWPD's visionary and problem-solving litigators have become trusted advocates for businesses, large and small, facing these dilemmas. Whether the claim is a state workers' compensation claim under Louisiana or Mississippi law, or a claim arising under federal law as a result of a workplace incident on navigable waterways, our lawyers are pre-eminent in the industry, and can achieve the result you need.

Our workers' compensation attorneys are always available to provide in-house seminars and training sessions on how to prevent workplace accidents from occurring. But despite the best practices, risk is always present and accidents will occur. Proper investigation is crucial to reducing exposure. We have prepared detailed accident investigation presentations to guide you through that process. We sincerely believe you will find no other firm in Louisiana or Mississippi with more qualified or skillful workers' compensation defense attorneys than the team at TWPD.

No area of law is more "fluid" than workers' compensation law. As part of our commitment to service, we provide a monthly newsletter containing the most "hot off the press" news and developments in state and federal workers' compensation law. This includes the most recent legislative, administrative and case law decisions over the previous 30-45 days. Contact our attorneys by email, or call 866-514-9888 to reach us at our offices in New Orleans or Baton Rouge, Louisiana, or Jackson, Mississippi.